The Best Safety Work Boot Brands

Work boots as the term suggest allowing you to protect your feet without sacrificing comfort while at the workplace. These are boots that can be worn under tough working conditions, whether it is the workplace and the risk involved or the environmental conditions under which you are working.

The single largest category of men’s footwear on our own website is the men’s work boots category. This is partly because the types of work that men do are so diverse and partially because men spend so much time working. If you work outside an office, the pair of work boots you buy is one of the most important decisions you will make. The following is a discussion of various brands in the men’s work boot category.

Georgia Boot

While Carolina boots will fit your regular work boot look, Georgia boots are usually less conventional. A large part of her collection consists of rubber boots and not lace-ups. They even have moc-toe rubber boots that I have not seen on other brands. Prices range from $ 90 to $ 300 per pair, though most boots fall in the mid-100s. You can find waterproof, insulated, steel toe, metatarsus and slip-resistant, but also get special shoes like boots for miners.


Rocky Boots have a very diverse catalog of work boots including 16″ waterproof lace-ups, wellingtons and ropers, and conventional work boots. Rocky also makes some work shoes which start in the $70s online but none of their work boots are below $80 a pair and most fall in the mid 100s with the most expensive style costing over $330 a pair.


Caterpillar is actually a brand of Wolverine Worldwide. Caterpillar shoes cost less than Wolverine brand shoes but are made in a similar fashion with similar styles. Caterpillar is a good economical choice making most conventional styles of men’s work boot and their prices range for $60 a pair to only $150 a pair with most falling below $100 a pair.


Timberland is the largest brand on our list in terms of total footwear styles made, but timberland boots are not just made as men’s work boots, but also as footwear for infants, girls, boys, and women, and not every style have the features necessary to be a good work boot. When shopping for Timberland boots, don’t assume that the style is ideal for work just because it is Timberland brand.


No discussion of men’s work boots would be complete without talking about Wolverine work boots. They are the bottom of our top 6 list only because the other brands make more styles than Wolverine boots, but Wolverine Footwear ranks very high on my personal list of work boots for quality, comfort, and features. Wolverine has paved the way with many new innovations over the years and continues to offer great work boot features every year.
If you work outside of an office, one of the most important purchases you make is your work boots. They do more than protect you, they keep you going and being productive. The more adapted to your work environment the safer you will be and the easier you will find your job becomes, which means more productivity and less fatigue.