3 Benefits of Sex for Weight Loss

It’s not only fun to do, having sex can actually provide many health benefits, you know. Sex is often referred to as an exercise in bed because, in fact, this activity is indeed effective at burning many calories. But is it true that we can lose weight with sex? Check out the following explanation.

1. Accelerate Body Metabolism

Experts agree that in order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than the food you eat. Well, sex can burn excess calories stored in your body. The more calories burned, the faster your body’s metabolism works to burn fat deposits.

2. Train the Muscles of the Body

In addition, sex is also a good exercise to keep your body in shape. When you have sex, various muscle groups in your body will work without realizing it. The muscles that are usually active when you have sex are the arms, abdomen, hamstrings, buttocks, and calves. Thus, having sex can train and increase the mass of these muscles, just like you exercise in the gym.

3. Good for Heart Health

Sex can also raise your heart rate to a stage like you are doing aerobics. Because of this, sex can be a good exercise to maintain cardiovascular health. By having a strong heart muscle, blood vessels can flow more and faster blood, so that oxygen can flow properly to the muscle cells. This is what allows cells to burn more fat during intercourse and at rest.

Total Calories You Can Burn With Sex

Sex for 25 minutes, consisting of foreplay for 10 minutes and sex for 15 minutes, has been shown to burn 88 calories for women who weigh 68 kg. Meanwhile, for men who weigh 81 kg, sex for 25 minutes can burn as many as 106 calories.

If you want to burn more calories, you are advised to do foreplay longer. Because kissing during foreplay for an hour can burn approximately 58-80 calories. This number of calories is equivalent to walking 1.5 kilometers or exercising for 23 minutes. Meanwhile, from the time of making love to the stage of reaching orgasm, the calories burned can be as much as 100-140 calories if done for 45 minutes. Even the sighs and breaths you make during sex can help burn 18-30 calories.

Frequency for Lose Weight with Sex

Experts reveal there is no definite benchmark about what the ideal frequency to lose weight with sex. This is because frequent sex is not because it directly makes your body thin, but only helps burn calories. Even if you burn quite a lot of calories through sex, the numbers on your scale will probably remain the same.

However, according to Howard Shapiro, a weight loss specialist doctor in New York, having sex regularly can reduce stress so that your appetite will be maintained. It’s different if you often feel stressed, then you tend to have a high appetite. Stress levels and low appetite are what affect your body weight to stay ideal.

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