3 Ways to Make Children loves Reading in the Digital Age

Children are now part of the digital generation. For that, children are accustomed to using the internet and technology applications, even toddlers are very familiar with mobile games.

This rapid development cannot be avoided. The more widespread technology, your job is to direct the children to continue learning. If you want the process of educational activities not boring, you can send your children to St. Andrews Sukhumvit. This place has fun and amazing learning facilities. To register, you can visit the website at https://www.standrewssukhumvit.com/

The following are ways to guide children to enjoy reading in the digital era:

Prioritize building good personal character

From the earliest age possible, before the child gets stimulation from the environment and from outside the home, cultivate good character and moral character. This is a must because you need to minimize the negative effects of the rapid development of technology in children. Cultivate and apply religious values ​​at home and virtuous behavior. For example, routinely doing worship with children. As well as give examples of how to behave well in everyday life, so that children will mimic what is shown by their parents.

The current generation with all the technological and environmental sophistication influenced their growth and development. Here, the role of parents remains an important key in shaping character and building a pure soul. If you always give a good example, your children will understand the fun of reading and learning through any media.

Parents act as a positive filter

No matter how good the values ​​that are instilled by parents, the influence of the environment and social relationships play a big role in the lives of children. Sort out content and remind which ones are good for kids to see or read, as well as things to avoid and not follow. Parents can also periodically check the children’s gadgets to see what applications are installed and what websites the children visit. This is a way to maintain the activities of your children on the internet.

Being a role model or idol for children

Do not tell your child to limit the use of gadgets if you are chained with it all day, Give a real example, using gadgets is okay at certain times but reading a book is more fun. For example, you can start reading stories to younger children, give interesting reading books with lots of pictures and colors. As for the older children, look for an interesting book that can be discussed together.

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