4 Simple Sports to Keep Your Body Fit and Healthy


Who said having a healthy body is difficult? You need exercise to keep your body healthy. However, feeling lazy is often the reason to start exercising. Being too tired after being active for five full days is also often the biggest obstacle for you to exercise on weekends.

In fact, you need to pay attention to your health by exercising for at least 30 minutes every day. It doesn’t have to be by visiting the gym or doing strenuous exercise for hours, you only need to do this simple exercise. make sure you first set your exercise schedule, want to try it? please visit the official website here metaboost connection reviews


Zumba has movements that involve all members of the body. This sport that is loved by women can make the body healthy. First popularized by Alberto Perez, an aerobic gymnastics guide from Colombia, this sport uses the beat of stomping music with a fast tempo and makes the body excited to move.

You don’t have to follow Zumba in a gym, you can do this light exercise at home. You can download fast-paced music from the internet or copy YouTube zumba moves. Do this exercise regularly every morning before you move, including on weekends.


Don’t like zumba? Relax, there are many other light and simple sports you can do, such as jogging or jogging. The best time to do this exercise is in the morning, when the streets are still quite empty and the air still feels fresh. To start with, you can jog around the court, increasing the distance once a week. Just 30 minutes every day, then having a healthy body is no longer a dream.

On foot

Simple, but not many people realize that walking has so many benefits for supporting body health. Studies say that regular walking makes the heart healthier, because this organ does its job of pumping blood more optimally. Walking every day, the body can burn quite a lot of calories. So, get used to walking, let’s!


Not only zumba, yoga is now a popular sport for all, especially women. Having been around 5000 years ago, yoga not only helps make the body healthier and fitter, this one sport also helps you to be more relaxed. Derived from Sanskrit which means “union”, every yoga movement is mutually sustainable between body and soul.

How to do yoga is easy. You only need a large enough area for yourself. No need to use a yoga mat, because you can do this exercise even if it is on the floor. In fact, you can do yoga at the office, at the bus stop while waiting for the bus, or at home.

Having a healthy body is not difficult, the most important thing is the intention and the will to exercise and do it regularly. Lazy exercising will make your body easily tired, lethargic, not energized, and trigger stress faster.

Apart from exercising, you need to take vitamins so that your immune system is maintained. Vitamin C intake is important, and along with consuming nutritious foods every day.

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