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The growth period from infancy to adolescence is the most appropriate time to stimulate children’s development, including the development of intelligence.

There are many factors that influence children’s intelligence, starting from heredity, environment and of course the food intake they get.

If you want your little one to grow up to be a smart child, it is important to pay attention to food intake to support children’s brain development and intelligence.

Here are the best foods that can stimulate children’s brain development and intelligence.

1. Milk and Derivative Products

Milk, whether breast milk or formula milk, is a healthy drink that is rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium, potassium, vitamins B and D which play an important role in the growth of brain tissue, neurotransmitters and enzymes.

Children, from infants to adolescents who are in the process of growing, really need the benefits of milk.

Besides being consumed in …

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