How to Install Bathroom Tiles

It may look like laying tiles is very hard to do for those who never tried doing it before. While working on it, you will probably discover that removing and replacing the toilet is the hardest task. It is going to be a challenge laying these tiles, so you must plan ahead. It is going to take several days finishing the tiles. When buying tiles, it is better to get the larger tiles because it is cheaper. It is a good way of saving money if you are in a tight budget. But remember that larger tiles are easily to break so be careful. If the risk of that happening, then you can buy bathroom tiles online on Amber Tiles.

The first thing you want to do is clean the bathroom floor of any debris. Measure the floor from wall to wall. You may need extra tile if one gets cracked or cut wrong. After you decide what kind of tiles you need, you’re going to figure out how much tiles you need.

You may also want to do a dry run to determine the best layout for your tile. Start in the middle and lay the tile outward. Mark the center of the floor so if you are ready to lay the tiles it is easier for you to find. Cover the entire floor with cement board. Mix thinset mortar but only the amount you will use in an hour to keep the mortar from drying out. Spread the mortar on the entire floor underneath the concrete board.

If the bathroom is not square, you can lay the tiles diagonal lines instead of vertical or horizontal. This makes hard too see that the bathroom is out of square and looks even.

Lay the tiles beginning in the center of the floor working outward. It depends which way you’re working as long as you can get out of the room without destroying the tiles. Make sure to wear gloves, mortar can irritate your skin.

Place the tile over the mortar and twist securely. Twisting can remove the trapped air under the tiles. Place spacer around the tile and lay the next tile doing the same step on every tile.

Let the tiles sit still for a minimum of 24hours to make sure it is secure on the floor.

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