Thailand’s Best Beach Destinations for Vacation

Thailand is one of the best places in Southeast Asia, not only as a place of serenity but also has many interesting places, even saving several very extraordinary natural enchantment. One of the highlights is his beach tour.

Besides tourism, here is also available a variety of typical Thai food and drinks which is fit for you who want a tourist culinary. However, this time we will discuss the beach vacation destination.  

Here is Thailand’s Best Beach destination:

  • Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

Thailand’s first best beach destination is Sairee Beach. Sairee Beach can be said to be an exclusive place for divers, slowly the visitors realize that Saireeb Beach is not just a good place to dive, but it is also a good place for culinary tourists and a good place to rest.

Sairee Beach on Koh Tao has also been a very crowded place for the night entertainment, as well as other Thai beaches. The coastline of Saire stretches for a mile plus the beauty of the small islands in front of it. Sairee is the most popular beach on Koh Tao with its many transportations, lodging, and accommodation costs and inexpensive restaurants.

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  • Long Beach, Koh Lanta

Thailand’s second-best beach destination is Long Beach on the island of Koh Lanta. It’s the same as the name that has the word “Long”. This beach can also be said to be one of the widest and best beaches in Thailand.

The location of the restaurant is right on the beach and the unique view on Koh Phi Phi that stretches across the horizon will give a very “exotic” feel.

Not unlike any other beach at Koh Lanta, on the Long Beach coast, it is very rare to find sharp rocks and other dangers such as sea urchins that could endanger yourself if you swim.

The sloping bottom will provide a very beautiful swim experience, both in the daytime and the night.

Long Beach used to attract the attention of backpackers who want to go vacation. Because the price of the bungalow and food is cheap. But at this time Long Beach was more often visited by families who wanted to go on vacation.

Any kind of accommodation you choose to travels to the beach can be very exciting. Especially when you visit North Long Beach.

At night, Long Beach offers a variety of interesting entertainment. Night parties (some on the beach, some in places along the road) are easily avoided – or easily enjoyed – depending on your own volition.

Koh Lanta is very far from its neighbor, Phuket. The lack of airports and the need for shipyard crossing have made the islands of the island slowed down from any side of development.

For this time, you will not find golf courses or franchised restaurants such as Mc Donalds, KFC, burger king, etc. on this island.

Tip: The storm often appears every year in May or June. So that many restaurants or other places on the beach are closed. Although some small businesses remain open. This beach will operate normally again in November.

This beach will not look as clean and even show the atmosphere of the storm with various kinds of broken furniture that destroy the roofs of existing homes during the peak season.