Tips On Choosing Specifications of a Server Computer for the Office

The specification of a server computer is certainly different from the computer hardware or gaming computer. Generally, server computers require high specifications. If you have difficulty, Rheneus Lupprians offers server relocation specialists at your office that can guarantee the quality of the server computer will work optimally.

The followings are tips on choosing a server computer for offices:

Types of Server Computers

1.      Application Server

This type of server computer functions as a storage media application where the application can be accessed by client computers. Generally, these types of server computers are used in large companies or agencies.

2.      Database Server

This type of server computer has a function to provide database management services for other computers. As an addition, this type of server computer used to analyze data, archiving, storing data, and others.

3.      Mail Server

The server computer type functions to run the application or soft mail server. Therefore users can send an email via the internet.

4.      Webserver

This type of server computer is a server computer with soft software that functions to receive requests through HTTP or HTTPS protocols in the form of web pages from the client after which the web server responds to the query results in the form of web pages.

Server Computer Specifications

Some might be confused about the difference between server computers and workstations? It’s different. Generally, server computers use different operating systems with common computers that are used by players or playing games. The operating system used is usually Windows Server. Whereas computer workstations are computers that function to assist scientific calculations, technical needs, and kind of this. Of course, a computer workstation is more expensive.

Specifications Server Computer (Server Computer Function)

Previously, we have explained that the server computer is functioning as a computer that is responsible for serving requests from client computers. It can be said that computers are central computers. As an example, if we go to the internet cafe, this server computer has the function of a computer that has internet access authority.

Besides, the server computer in the office is generally used as document storage along with networking and file sharing. Providing a database that is used by all computers is also one of the functions of the server computer. Besides that, the server computer must protect the client computer from viruses and malware by installing antivirus and firewalls on the computer.

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