What you should know about Maldives

Being one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in recent years, the Maldives has indeed been widely known traveler around the world. Not only known in the Asian region, the Maldives is also very popular in other countries outside Asia. The number of tourists who come are countless. Therefore many beachfront resorts offered you a place to stay. One of them is Raffles Luxury Villas Maldives. This resort offers accommodation for staying at an affordable price. For online bookings, you can visit the official Raffles Maldives website at https://rafflesmaldives.com/.  

Here are some things you can find in Maldives. 

1. crystal-clear sea 

Maldives realizes that they are holding on to the tourism industry as the biggest income for the country. For this reason, maintaining the cleanliness and beauty of the beaches is an obligation. 

In the Maldives, finding the ocean with super clear water until you can see the rock beneath it is seen is not difficult. 

2. Mosque in an Extraordinary Location 

Judging from its history, Maldives is indeed one of the countries with a majority of Muslims. As an atoll island nation (a coral island surrounding the lagoon), you will also find mosques that stand firmly in the beautiful destinations of Maldives. One of them is Al Sultan Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam mosque in the capital of Maldives, Malé. 

Living side by side with nature and not forgetting the beauty given by God, this country is grateful for their uniqueness by remaining humble. 

3. Beautiful Sunset 

The beach cannot be separated from the sunset. If you want to see the location of the most beautiful sunsets, then you can visit Dhigufinolhu. 

Here the sunset can be witnessed clearly. Here, the clear blue sky will turn yellow and then turn red from dusk until it turns dark, surrounded by beautiful stars whose rays bounce beautifully into the ocean. Extraordinary! 

4. The Road to Heaven 

Of the many beautiful beaches in the Maldives, Raa beach is arguably one of the most spectacular. What makes it different? When you visit Raa beach at night, this beach will give you a sapphire-blue glow on the seashore. That is because there is an organism (plankton) that can emit bright fluorescent sapphire blue light. 

Like seeing a stretch of small stars, many people dub the beach of Raa like a road to heaven! So, do you want to go to Maldives someday? 

5. The beauty of the Maldives 

One thing that will impress you after visiting Maldives is that everything you see is blue! With warm white sand beaches, when you walk on the beach, you see the light blue color of the water that gets darker as you head to the ocean. It forms a blue horizon line as if it blends with the beautiful sky above it. The work of God Almighty is so extraordinary! 

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