The lock of the door is one of the securities of the house and rooms. Almost all the rooms are expected to have the door keys to use. Usually, people will buy suitable door key and handle. Nowadays, there are many different models of keys on sale. However, the door key gets stuck and difficult to release.

If it’s happened, sure you need a way to fix the stuck so that it can be reopened. Sometimes, it’s hard to release the key that has been stuck. If it is forced, the key will be broken and some of the key’s part will remain inside. It will stress you out. But don’t panic and follow a few tips how to release a stuck key, as follows :

1. Hit the key with a hammer

For doors that are installed in minimal home designs, usually, it has a simple key type. You can try to overcome a stuck key by hitting it using a rubber hammer. You can try to hit with stronger while moving around the key. Do it slowly until the key can enter inside following the key pin and finally the key can be opened. But if you have difficulty, the fastest way is to contact locksmith in North Brisbane.

2. Try to use the key-breaking device

If the key is already stuck so it is difficult to pull or put the key in. Therefore, you can use a special tool to unlock the locked door until it is open. You can buy a key-breaking device in special locksmith and say that it is for your own door so it’s allowed. You can choose a tool with a different tip or head from a hook-shaped, bent tip and the tip similar to your key head.

3. Use pliers and paper clips

Basically, the choice of the door key model is also very dependent on the choice of door type. If the key is already stuck, try to break the door key. The method is by using pliers and paper clips. The way to do is by attaching pliers in the door gap, then pressing the key parts with the paper clips, and then pulling the key left and right or the opposite according to your key model. If it is loose so the key will be released and can be removed or entered.

4. Turn together the knob and the key

You can also turn the knob and the key together in order to get the key out. The risk is it might make the key broken. So, although the method is simple it should be done carefully. If necessary, do it together with the help of oil or brake oil.

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