Simple ideas to make your wedding even more fantastic

Congratulations! You are engaged! Now you have to plan a wedding. Looking at the Internet for wedding ideas can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few simple ideas to keep in mind, so that your wedding will be even more fantastic.

Simple ideas to make your wedding even more fantastic

Do it your way

Every person has their own ideas on how to fill their wedding day. Your mother or mother-in-law might give you unwanted advice and your sister(-in-law) knows best. Just nod, smile and do it your own way. It is not their wedding, it is yours! So you will choose which people are invited and you choose where, when and how. And you definitely choose your own wedding gown. Only then you will be happy on your wedding day and feel like it is your party, instead of someone else’s.

Stick to the same style

When you choose a theme for your wedding location, make sure you keep everything in the same style. For example, you can choose ‘flowers’, so that your entire wedding will consist of flowers. It will create a romantic sphere. Or you choose rustic, Halloween, beach, white or natural. It is all up to you, but it is really recommended that you use no more than two or three colors. It will make your wedding venue less messy and chaotic.

Lights and candles

Every location can be brighten up by using a lot of light strings or (fake) candles. The more you use, the better. However, please make sure you use the same color lights, otherwise it looks a bit messy. You can make the simplest garden beautiful by using the lights in the right way. Lights sound pricy, but you can make many low-budget items and still make it gorgeous.

Personal touch

Every wedding needs a personal touch. So here is a nice idea. Have you ever heard of a photoflyer? That is an instant photo frame, which you can personalize with your own text. You take a picture with a polaroid camera and you use the custom instax film to cover the picture with your personalized frame. How cool is that? It will be a great wedding gift and people will remember your wedding for a lifetime. In addition, it is a gift that really adds value to your wedding, rather than some other gifts that your guests directly throw away after coming home. Everybody loves pictures. So after reading all these tips, there is nothing more to do than just relax and enjoying your wedding preparation.