Things to Know Before Creating a CV

Having a good CV is often the key to starting a job search correctly. The CV presents you, it highlights your experience, your skills, your dynamism and allows you to stand from the other candidates. It has to make the recruiter want to meet you. Now that you know how important the quality of a CV is, what should you do?

Make a One Page CV

You can see online cv examples that suggest to make a short CV. Choose the template you like the most and organize your information by only mentioning point which are related to the position sought. Your resume should be clear, concise and up to date with your latest professional experiences, training and higher education. Make sure that your it presents you in a favorable light and that it is consistent with the job for which you are applying. Two pages are acceptable if you have too many relevant experiences. Your CV will inevitably grow longer over the course of your career, as you gain experience. But you do not need to list every element that does not have anything to do with the vacation.

Should You Add References on your CV?

Before offering you the job, your new employer will verify your past professional experiences by contacting your references. If it is required on the job offer, add it directly. Otherwise, it is preferable not to mention references on your resume, indicate only “References on request”. Talk with your references beforehand and verify that they agree to be contacted before releasing their contact details. You can make sure the process goes smoothly by defining in advance which of your former colleagues would agree to be contacted. Most importantly, keep your references as up-to-date as possible and let them know of a possible call. Even if relationships with your references are good, it is always safer and courteous for them to be aware of your progress. No one never wants a call as a surprise.

Can You Add your Personal Interests on your CV?

You can give some information about your hobbies, but never forget that the employer is looking for parameters that are relevant to the position for which you are applying. Think about your interests and talk about hobbies that might underpin your skills. A direct link between leisure and work is not essential. Leadership or independence qualities will always be appreciated and can be seen through many activities.

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